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Why would you want a bond with a negative yield?

On the surface it does appear strange that anyone would buy a bond with a negative yield. This is even more interesting to me given the real rate of inflation – not that as calculated by CPI. However according to JPM there are plenty of reasons. 1) Investors who fear or expect deflation tend to… Read More »

The 2015 Fireworks

Well what a start it’s been to 2015 with oil now breaking the $50 barrier and the crisis in Europe firmly back on the radar. Our expectation is for 2015 to be a big turning point for the world economy. We’re already seeing weakness in commodities and with the new low in oil overnight, it… Read More »

The Bond Report – Yellen’s Still Dovish

Janet Yellen continued her dovish stance today in what we have come to expect. In summary, the economy needs to prove itself before the FED will take action. From bond POV there wasn’t much of a change. We’re still above the 2.5% mark. Some Euro headlines sparked a bid tone in the ZN before it… Read More »