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Can bearish COF help cattle spreads?

I’ve been short a cattle spread (LE V5 – LE G6) for a little over a week and it’s been a tale of two extremes. I picked a beautiful entry at parity and immediately saw it move my way. However in the last few days it’s really retraced on what looks like a little bit… Read More »

Bearish on meats

I’m currently short both lean hogs and live cattle. On the hog front prices have pushed higher and there is talk that there might have been some strong export business that lead to the recent run up. The same thing that happened last year before we got a sell off. Hogs have been bearish this… Read More »

Meats Push Higher

As tensions overseas continue to boil, the markets have pulled back from their initial response. We have seen adjustments across the board in stocks, oil, gold and bonds. For now we are watching and waiting and we’ll see what plays out over the weekend. Today I wanted to focus on the meats – specifically cattle.… Read More »