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TRADE EXIT – Natural Gas

I took off all my positions in natural gas prior to the release of the storage numbers and boy am I glad I did. I didn’t want to give any of the spreads too much wiggle room and as a result had a pretty tight trailing stop. On Wednesday we closed pretty much on the… Read More »


My Soybean – Corn spread has opened the week with a little bit of strength and I’m going to take it off. The soybean contract is due to expire soon and I need to be out by Wednesday, so I’ll exit now on a bit of strength. Overall I’m really happy with this trade. I… Read More »

TRADE – Soy complex

Regardless of what the fundamentals are saying there seems to be a little bit of strength coming into soybeans in recent days. I’m already in a soy/corn spread and another soybean calender  spread. For that reason I’m hesitant to get to overexposed here – especially given the abundant supply. However soymeal has really found support… Read More »

TRADE – Soybeans/Corn

I’ve been watching the May 15 Soybeans – Corn spread closely over the last couple of weeks, looking for any kind of strength in soybeans. Overnight we started to get some strength on the back of China and I decided to finally get long here a touch below 580. We got some follow through during… Read More »