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TRADE EXIT – Natural Gas

I took off all my positions in natural gas prior to the release of the storage numbers and boy am I glad I did. I didn’t want to give any of the spreads too much wiggle room and as a result had a pretty tight trailing stop. On Wednesday we closed pretty much on the… Read More »

Bearish storage pushes NG lower

Fortunately for us we saw a nice build in NG storage on Thursday that helped push NG lower. We came in at 90 vs 83 expected. While front month NG is yet to test the lows, two of my three spreads broke through. My NG N5- NG X5 was the best performer with a clear… Read More »

Natural Gas pushes lower

The last two sessions have seen my natural gas spreads break nicely to the downside. After a little bit of a rally, ironically on the back of an injection into storage, price has fallen away. On Thursday we saw a 63B injection versus a 53B estimate. I’m looking for the front months to really test… Read More »

Is NG about to turnaround?

With the peak demand period for heating behind us, we generally get some moves lower in NG and HO around this time of year. I’ve been short a couple of NG spreads that have been trading very nicely so far. On Monday front month NG hit a new low and on the surface it appears… Read More »

Movers & Shakers – Risk Off

It’s no surprise that with some rising world tension, we get some big moves. Now I don’t like to jump in on these right away but as time goes on we can get some nice prices on spreads that blow out – namely CL and GC. So for now let’s watch and wait. NG was… Read More »