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Position Updates

It’s been a busy few weeks in commodities with an increase in volatility leading to some good opportunities. Headed in to the long weekend, we saw a bit of covering, however I’m reasonably happy with the bulk of my positions. I’m just going to summarize some of my longer time frame trades. Soybeans We saw… Read More »

What will happen with OPEC this Friday?

This from Forex Live… The industry chatter ramps up ahead of the 5th June OPEC meeting In two days we have the 167th OPEC meeting in Vienna and the noise from the members and companies is rising Here’s a run down on what’s been said today OPEC sec Gen El-badri There is enough supply and enough… Read More »

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So oil is now in a bull market?

Well that’s the headline from Bloomberg. I’m not too sure that after a fall from $100 we can consider oil to be bullish on any level. Interestingly price has spiked over the last few days on the back of a reduced rig count. From ZeroHedge. Arguably the biggest catalyst for the surge in crude, in… Read More »

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The 2015 Fireworks

Well what a start it’s been to 2015 with oil now breaking the $50 barrier and the crisis in Europe firmly back on the radar. Our expectation is for 2015 to be a big turning point for the world economy. We’re already seeing weakness in commodities and with the new low in oil overnight, it… Read More »

Movers & Shakers – Risk Off

It’s no surprise that with some rising world tension, we get some big moves. Now I don’t like to jump in on these right away but as time goes on we can get some nice prices on spreads that blow out – namely CL and GC. So for now let’s watch and wait. NG was… Read More »

Movers & Shakers – Soybeans And Crude Lead The Way

There was a little bit of buying around today in a couple of commodities that have certainly been bearish of recent times. Both Crude and Soybeans posted some decent gains against a backdrop of bearish fundamentals. Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported soybean-export sales of 120,000 metric tons to China for delivery by Aug.… Read More »

Ahead Of The Game – PPI, Oil And More Yellen

There’s a bit of data about ahead of today’s session. We’ll be seeing more from Janet Yellen, but I won’t expect anything new. We have PPI out and later regular Oil Inventories. Oil supply has been expanding recently and Middle East tensions have faded. As a results Crude has dropped below $100 p/barrel. Managed money… Read More »

Ahead of the Game – API & Yellen

The main focus on todays economic calender will likely be retail sales and more importantly Janet Yellen’s testimony to the US Senate Committee. More directly for commodities we also have API Crude Stocks. Crude has been making lows recently as Middle East tensions have continued to fade and that should drive more attention toward inventories.